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Suppliers of replacement, bespoke, and made to measure windows and doors; architectural advice, approvals, construction and installation. We offer a full service including initial architectural design advice, obtaining approvals on your behalf, expert installation, and all the associated construction services you will need for your home project across Greater London.

We work directly with vetted door and window manufacturers and we are able to supply a whole range of double and triple glazed window and door products to match your requirements, budget and type of your property.

We are able to provide you with the following product ranges to match your requirements:

  • Traditional timber sash windows – Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian double glazed windows and in a variety of certified wood; double glazing as standard and single glazing when required for Listed Buildings and for some properties in Conservation Areas.
  • Timber casement windows – Inward, outward casement or tilt and turn opening type in a variety of certified wood types; in triple glazing as standard (double glazing also available).
  • Sliding patio bifold doors – in a selection or opening types (sliding, folding, French patio doors) and in a selection of materials (certified wood, aluminium or steel) and triple glazing as standard (double glazing also available).
  • Aluminium windows and doors – Thermally broken sections for optimal thermal performance in a variety of opening types, specifications and appearance to include steel-look products at more affordable prices compared to steel framed products; in triple glazing as standard (double glazing also available).
  • Steel windows and doors – Thermally broken sections for optimal thermal performance in a variety of opening types, specifications and appearance; in triple glazing as standard (double glazing also available).

At Green Home Glazing we have the architectural expertise and experience to advise you on all relevant matters, prepare the necessary information, and obtain all required approvals on your behalf ahead of supplying any door and window replacement products you need for your home.

Here is a list of the approvals you might need and we can assist you with:

  • Planning

You do not usually need to apply for planning permission for the replacement of windows and doors with new windows and doors that are of a similar appearance to those used in the construction of the house.

However occasionally, you may need to apply for planning permission for some of these works because your council has made an Article 4 Direction withdrawing permitted development rights. This tends to happen if your property is in a Conservation Area.

If you live in a listed building, you will need listed building consent for any significant works – internal or external, and this includes the installation of any patio doors.

At Green Home Glazing our RIBA Chartered Architect director will advise you about all relevant planning requirements, we will liaise with your local planning authority, and we will obtain any necessary planning approvals on your behalf.

  • Building Regulations

The replacement or installation of new patio doors might require Building Regulations approval. Building Regulations relevant matters include the thermal performance of the glazed doors, safety glazing, ventilation, fire safety, and access. Find out more at Planning Portal.

At Green Home Glazing we work with London Building Control Approved Inspectors to assess all the Building Regulations related issues for your project and offer certification for all door and window replacement and alterations.

  • Freeholder approval

If you are a leaseholder you may first need to get permission from your landlord or management company in addition to any other planning and Building Regulations approvals necessary.

Please ask your solicitor to review the terms of your lease in regards to how to approach your Freeholder and for advice on how to obtain the Freeholder approval; we will assist you by providing all plans and specifications your Freeholder needs to grant you the approval.

At Green Home Glazing we have the construction expertise and experience to help you with all your construction and installation requirements for your home project.

Our Standard Installation Service includes making good interiors, making good exteriors and, the safe disposal of old items.

Our Extended Installation Service includes the above and additionally deals with any associated works that might be necessary as part of the replacement of your windows and doors.

We are able to supply any type of made to measure windows, replacement windows and bespoke windows; we are external door suppliers and we are also bifold doors suppliers.

Often enough the window and door replacement creates the opportunity to enlarge the existing door or window openings in order to bring in more light or to improve the views to the garden. This results into the installation of new lintels (beams) above the new windows and doors and some extended building works necessary to ensure weatherproofing and soundproofing.

At Green Home Glazing our Master Builder Federation member director will advise you about all relevant construction requirements, we will obtain any necessary approvals on your behalf and we will carry out all the building works you need in order to transform your home.

Our offer – We will offer triple glazing as standard, and for the price of double glazing, every time this is possible depending on the product type and product availability across our whole window and door product range and for projects across Greater London.

Our manufacturers – We have vetted our manufacturers to ensure they operate in an environmentally friendly way when it comes to sourcing materials, manufacture and design of our timber, aluminium, and steel products. At all time we review the market for new products that can help with minimising heat losses and we are committed to supplying them at the most affordable prices possible.

Our processes – We will be continuously reviewing our processes, across the board, in order to ensure we operate in a way that minimises the carbon footprint of our operations.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – We work with local waste removal companies to ensure that your building waste is disposed of in the safest way possible, reducing the environmental impact and obtaining the most value possible from the waste.


Benefits, specifications, and options for your home project.

At Green Home Glazing we aim to match your requirements to the best window and door products for your home.
We offer made to measure windows to match the physical space available, we offer bespoke windows to match your style, we offer double glazing windows and triple glazing windows to make your home more comfortable to live in.

  • What is the best product for my home though?
  • Is it worth the money and does it add value?
  • What is the most safe and secure option?

At Green Home Glazing we have architectural, environmental, design and construction expertise and we are here to assist you with choosing the right solution for your home project.

This is why we have prepared this series of Window and Door Guides to answer your most common questions, to inform you on what adds value and what works best, and help you understand the best options for your budget and requirements.

Traditional timber sash windows

Do original sash windows add value?

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

Do you need planning permission to replace windows in a conservation area?

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Timber Casement Windows        

What are flush casement windows?

What type of window is most energy efficient?

What are the best windows for noise reduction?

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Sliding Patio Bifold Doors                 

Which is better bifold or sliding doors?

What is the best material for bifold doors?

Is triple glazing more secure?                           

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Aluminium Doors & Windows

Are aluminium windows more expensive than wood?

Are aluminium windows and doors energy efficient?

Do I need Building Regulations approval for new aluminium windows and doors for my home?

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Steel Windows & Doors

Are steel windows more expensive than aluminium?

Are steel windows and doors energy efficient?

What are the best steel frame windows for noise reduction?

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What are the key considerations when selecting glazing for my windows and doors?

What exactly is triple glazing and low-E double glazing?

What patterns and textures does glazing come in?

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Why Us

Our offer – We offer triple glazing for the price of double glazing as standard for all quotes across Greater London.

Our full service – Uniquely we offer a full service that includes architectural advice, obtaining all approvals on your behalf, as well as supply and fitting of window and door products.

Our architectural, environmental, and design expertise – By our Architect Director (RIBA Chartered member and registered with ARB), George Omalianakis | GOAStudio London residential architecture limited.

Our construction expertise – By our Builder Director (Federation of Master Builders member), Kia Karamian | Dream Building limited.

Our manufacturers – We work directly with vetted manufacturers which allows us to control the quality, design and cost of the window and door products we will provide for your home.








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