Looking to spice up your home and your life? A pair of sliding patio bifold doors could be just what you need to bring some much needed excitement. With everyone still stuck inside, there has never been a better time to work on home improvements and create something you love.

But how can you be sure that sliding patio bifold doors are what you need? Are they the right option or would you be better suited to something more like a standard set of French doors? This guide is here to introduce you to the world of bifold doors and everything they have to offer.


Bifold, Sliding, Does it Matter? 

Sliding doors tend to be a stretching pane of glass that travels along the length of the wall – maximising the view and really letting light into your home. It’s the kind of home improvement that will leave guests with that “Oh wow” feeling.

Bifold doors really open up the home, folding neatly together and allowing those warm summer breezes to sweep through the home – you definitely get those family BBQ vibes from it. It’s just such a satisfying feeling, and when you have quite a few guests it keeps things spacious.

The downside with sliding doors is that they don’t open all the way, leaving half of the space open and the other half halted. Bifold doors create a fully open space, but not everyone is a fan of the way they bunch up at the end.

Now, sliding patio bifold doors? Well, that’s where the doors slide open and fold up neatly – combining the best of both worlds so that you have an open home that lets in light, good views, and offers those cooling breezes on hot days.


Are They a Secure Option?

Yes, sliding patio bifold doors are a secure option for your home. It is not easier to break in, and the glass is thick which means it won’t be easy to break. Just make sure you select a good and durable locking system so that you can keep things shut tight at night.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to have a second lock installed for added security and to help discourage potential burglars from breaking into your home. However, you have no need to worry about an increased risk of crime when you install sliding bifold doors.


Are They Suitable for Low Energy Buildings? 

They absolutely are, there is nothing preventing sliding patio bifold doors from being used in low energy buildings. In fact, it is quite common to get them triple glazed so that they trap heat during the colder months to keep your home warmer without costing a fortune.

Not only is it a good option for your bank account, but less time with the heating on also benefits the environment as less energy is being used to keep your home running. Truly, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


Do Sliding Patio Bifold Doors Need a Lot of Maintenance? 

The great thing is, your sliding patio bifold doors aren’t going to need a lot of maintenance at all. They tend to be very resilient and weather resistant, you just have to make sure you clean the glass regularly and give the frame a wash a few times a year to keep it shiny.

Oil or grease on the moving parts is a great way to keep it lubricated, ensuring smooth operation and to prevent them from sticking or catching when opened and closed. You should also ensure the top and bottom tracks remain clear and clean to prevent the same.

You don’t need to use fancy cleaning solutions either. Warm soapy water is more than enough for the paint surfaces, and you will find that they don’t need to be washed too often. Always use a squeegee on the glass to avoid scratching or staining on the glass after cleaning.


Do You Need Planning Permission?

Usually, you don’t need planning permission for the installation of sliding patio bifold doors. They tend to be pretty standard, and you can buy them and have them fitted with no hassle. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and there are rare occasions where you may need it.

If you live in a conservation area, you may need to receive planning permission before installing your new doors. This is because the local planning authority will need to determine if they will change the appearance of the area and if it breeches their current planning restrictions.

If you live in a listed building, you will also need planning permission. The listing grade of your home may also impact this decision, and it can be very difficult to get such a modern amendment approved. However, you can be smart about it and choose a more traditional look.

Of course, any decision made on the status of your planning application can be appealed as long as you send in the objection before the deadline (usually 8-12 weeks depending on the type of property involved).

We know how stressful it can be to try and get through the planning stages, and it’s not always easy to determine if you need planning permission in the first place. That’s why our dedicated architectural advisors are on hand to help you through the process and give you reliable information as to whether or not you are going to need to apply for planning for your doors.


To Conclude

Getting a set of sliding bifold doors could be the best decision you ever make for home improvement. They really open up the space, allowing you to enjoy the view and the interior of your house in a way you never knew you could.

At Green Home Glazing, we supply some of the best quality sliding patio bifold doors on the market. Headed by a team of experts with a strong background in building and architecture, you can’t go wrong with us. Why not give us a call with any questions you might have or to get a free no obligation quote? We can’t wait to help you fulfil your home improvement dreams.