This guide to aluminium windows and doors aims to take you through all the details you need in order to find the perfect style for you. Security? Environmental impact? We cover it all, we have done all the homework so that all you need to do is have a quick read before you decide about what works best for you.

Introducing Aluminum Windows and Doors

In recent years, aluminium has become the top choice for many homeowners who are looking to spruce up their homes and benefit from the advantages this versatile material brings. They have been used in commercial buildings for decades, but are becoming a trend for private homes too.

Much of this is due to the fact that the frames are no longer obnoxiously thick and bulky like it used to be in the 1970s. Now, they are lightweight and slim to give your home a contemporary look, and the new technology being incorporated means that they are becoming more and more efficient.

They offer durability and stability and security, as well as a modern touch that can be added to any home style. Below, you will find all the benefits that aluminium windows and doors have to offer as well as further details on how they can achieve this.

What are the Benefits?

So, what kind of benefits do aluminium windows and doors offer you? Here is a quick summary for you:


  • Long Life – They last a long time. Their durability and reliability as well as resistance to the weather make them a great choice. Average lifespan? 30 years.


  • Slim – They have a really sleek and slim design that makes them aesthetically pleasing and creates better sightlines to the garden.


  • Energy Efficient – This is something that we get into later, but you might be surprised to discover that aluminium windows and doors are highly energy efficient.


  • Environmentally Friendly – It is a recyclable metal which is great for the environment, but even better is the fact that it is low cost.


  • Secure – They offer a great deal of security so that you can benefit from peace of mind during night time and when you are out.


  • Customisable – Aluminium is a flexible material that is versatile and easy to customise so that you can have any style that you want and love whether it is steel-like and industrial or more sleek and contemporary.



Planning matters

While you do not normally need planning to replace your windows and doors with new windows and doors, if you are in a conservation area or a location with planning restrictions, you might need to apply for planning permission before you can proceed. It is always a good idea to check with your local planning authority first.


Are They Efficient?

Many aluminium windows and doors now have a thermal break installed in the frame, using new and innovative technology to trap heat and make them way more efficient. They are also multi-chambered, which improves stability while also trapping heat inside.

Still concerned? The great thing about energy ratings is that you can check how efficient your aluminium doors and windows are before you buy. We will provide you with the u-values of all our window and door products to confirm that they comply with the current Building Regulations.


How Secure are Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Aluminium windows and doors are one of the most secure options out there. They might be slim and lightweight, but that only makes them surprisingly deceptive when it comes to security measures.

First, the glass itself is difficult to break due to both the strength of the glass itself and the double or triple glazed panel arrangement. In addition to this, the frames themselves are also difficult to crack and certainly much harder to get through than PVC or wood.

You can also opt to have multi-point locks installed, something that can be added to all aluminium frames. They work by locking at multiple points along the frame to make breaking in a much trickier task.


To Conclude

We hope that this mini guide has helped you to learn more about what aluminium windows and doors have to offer you so that you can make the best possible decision. They are secure, efficient, and certainly one of the most versatile in terms of aesthetics.


For more information see our complete guide here:


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