Steel windows and doors

At Green Home Glazing we have architectural, environmental, design and construction expertise and we are here to assist you with choosing the right solution for your home project.

This is why we have prepared this Guide on steel windows and doors:

  • to answer your most common questions,
  • to inform you on what adds value and what works best, and
  • help you understand the best options for your budget and requirements.


  • Do steel frame windows and steel French doors add value to your home?
  • How long will steel windows and doors last?
  • Are steel windows more expensive than aluminium?

Yes, steel replacement windows and doors are more expensive compared to aluminium or timber framed windows and doors. If your absolute priority is to keep costs down then you will be better served by aluminium framed products that can offer a better balance between costs, low maintenance, and appearance.

What steel frames will offer you though is the thinnest frames possible, the widest sightlines across the garden, and the maximum amount of light the orientation of your home will allow into your kitchen, living and dining areas.

For this reason steel frame and “steel look” windows and doors are the ultimate investment you can make to your home with the lowest cost of ownership.

Steel doors can be hinged, sliding or sliding-folding (bifold) depending on your requirements and the space available.

Depending on the environmental conditions (e.g. not in a marine environment) the paint finish on your steel doors and windows can last 10-15 years with minimal amount of care.

Steel frames are extremely long-lasting and can often find doors and windows that are more than 80 years old; the latest developments in steel frame manufacturing mean that steel contemporary doors and windows can last even longer.



  • What are “heritage / industrial steel” windows?
  • What are aluminium “steel look” windows?
  • Why are black steel windows considered timeless?

Steel frame windows and doors, often also called “traditional / heritage steel”, “steel look” or “industrial style”, are the most impactful, elegant, and stunning single addition you can make to your home.

There is a wide variety of designs available and Green Home Glazing will help you choose the style that suits the character of your home.

Often in black, steel French doors will add a traditional, yet contemporary look to your home and they are extremely popular due to people’s love of heritage designs and all things industrial.

“This style of French door works beautifully in traditional as well as modern homes, flanked by a host of coordinating window panels.” Homes & Gardens magazine.

Sarah Warwick from Real Home magazine says:

“Metal windows and doors offer a huge range of opportunities for updating the style of your property. From the classic Crittall style populalised in the 1930s to bolder, industrial design often used in terraced home extensions, this type of glazing is right on trend.

 Highly sought after, metal windows and doors can either replace original designs, or be used to smarted up a property that had plastic or old timber windows.

 Metal-framed glazing is an elegant option that suits properties of different styles and will look great for years to come. Both metal-framed doors and windows can complement homes with brick exteriors as well as modern grey or white rendered walls.

 If your house currently has dated uPVC doors and windows, metal can be a much slimmer and more attractive alternative. Fitting metal in place of wood, on the other hand, can allow you to avoid the maintenance requirements of timber.

 Panel style metal-framed doors won’t offer the uninterrupted views that bi-fold or sliding doors do. However, they will frame views to the exterior in an appealing way. The metal framing isn’t bulky, so they’ll still let in plenty of light and each panel can reveal a new perspective. You might also like the idea of the doors themselves being a feature rather than a barely-there barrier, and they can complement other materials used in an interior scheme.

 And the style’s not just appropriate for doors: panelled metal windows can bring an industrial edge to your home, or create period style, depending on the dimensions of each of the glazed elements.”


  • How do you stop condensation on steel windows?
  • What are the benefits of steel windows?
  • Are steel windows and doors energy efficient?

Steel contracts less than wood does in cold weather, which makes these windows a more consistent barrier against the weather. They require minimal upkeep compared to wood windows and doors and they can offer high levels of thermal and noise insulation through highly manufactured double and triple glazed frames.

Narrow sightlines – Steel is the strongest material when it comes to doors and windows; it will not only add elegance to your home but it will also help to create a comfortable, enjoyable and light internal environment.

Heritage and conservation – Original steel windows can be replaced with new frames that match historically with the added benefit of inserting factory-precision, high-performance glass.

Superior energy efficiency – Our hot rolled steel windows and doors are designed not only for superior strength and aesthetics but also energy efficiency; at Green Home Glazing we provide steel windows and doors with thermal breaks and triple glazing as standard.

The thermal breaks in the steel frames and highly insulated glazing is how to stop condensation on steel windows, and this is why steel windows and doors do not cause condensation as this myth-busting article in Country Life explains: “How to prevent condensation on your windows”



  • Do you need planning permission for new steel windows in a conservation area?
  • Do I need Building Regulations approval for new steel windows and doors for my home?
  • Do I need Freeholder (Licence to Alter) approval for new steel windows and doors for my home?


You do not usually need to apply for planning permission for the insertion of new windows and doors that are of a similar appearance to those used in the construction of the house (note – a new bay window will be treated as an extension and may require permission).

However, occasionally you may need to apply for planning permission if your Council has made an Article 4 Direction withdrawing permitted development rights. If you live in a listed building, you will need listed building consent for any significant works – internal or external, and this includes the installation of any patio doors.

If your house is in a designated area (conservation area, national park, area of outstanding natural beauty) there may also be additional restrictions in place. In all these cases, you are strongly advised to check with your local planning authority before carrying out any work. Planning Portal.

At Green Home Glazing our director is a Chartered Architect (GOAStudio London residential architecture) with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and will advise you about all relevant planning requirements, will liaise with your local planning authority, and will obtain any necessary planning approvals on your behalf.

Building Regulations

The replacement or installation of new patio doors might require Building Regulations approval. Building Regulations relevant matters include the thermal performance of the glazed doors, safety glazing, ventilation, fire safety, and access. Planning Portal.

At Green Home Glazing we work with London Building Control Approved Inspectors to assess all the Building Regulations related issues for your project and offer certification for all door and window replacement and alterations.

Freeholder approval

If you are a leaseholder you may first need to get permission from your landlord or management company in addition to any other planning and Building Regulations approvals necessary.

Please ask your solicitor to review the terms of your lease in regards to how to approach your Freeholder and for advice on how to obtain the Freeholder approval. We will assist you by providing all plans and specifications your Freeholder needs to grant you the approval.




  • Are steel windows and doors eco friendly?
  • Is steel 100% recyclable?
  • Can steel windows be double / triple glazed?

Iron and steel are the world’s most recycled materials, and among the easiest materials to reprocess, as they can be separated magnetically from the waste stream. Recycling is via a steelworks: scrap is either remelted in an electric arc furnace (90-100% scrap), or used as part of the charge in a Basic Oxygen Furnace (around 25% scrap).

Any grade of steel can be recycled to top quality new metal, with no ‘downgrading’ from prime to lower quality materials as steel is recycled repeatedly. 42% of crude steel produced is recycled material.

In fact, “steel is the most recycled material on the planet, more than all other materials combined” according to the Steel Sustainability Organisation.

The frame material is only one component of a door or window and the glazing type plays a significant part in the thermal performance of the product. According to the Energy Saving Trust, nearly a fifth of heat lost from un-insulated homes can be through windows.

By installing the right steel windows and doors you can reduce the amount of heat lost, you can reduce the amount of energy you use and you can minimise the environmental impact during the life cycle of the window or door product.

At Green Home Glazing we combine the performance of triple glazing, the longevity of steel frames, and choice of only thermally broken frames to offer you the most sustainable window and door products in the market for your home.


  • Are steel framed doors soundproof?
  • What are the best steel frame windows for noise reduction?
  • Triple glazing or double glazing for soundproofing when it comes to steel frames?

When it comes to soundproofing Which? Magazine are pretty clear on the question of double glazing v triple glazing:

“Should I buy triple-glazed windows? Triple-glazed windows have a third pane of glass, so they should make your home warmer and more sound-proof than double-glazed windows.”

 Typically a standard double glazed unit with two 4mm panes of glass and an air cavity will reduce noise by around 25dB.

Our triple glazed steel windows can be manufactured with at least one layer of acoustic laminated glass, glass panels of different thicknesses, and the window can be acoustically treated in order to create a noise reduction of around 45dB as the sound waves get absorbed by the glass panels.

Remember that a noise reduction factor of 10dB equates to a 50% reduction in the volume of a noise, which is a substantial reduction that is enough to create a much quieter home environment and make any external noise much less noticeable.

Our steel frame products come with thermal breaks as standard; the thermal breaks in the frame prevent heat losses between the inside and outside of your home while at the same time they create a sound transmission “break” and result in reduction in noise transmission too.




  • Are steel doors and windows more secure?
  • How do you secure steel windows?
  • What is the safest glazing option for steel windows and doors?

Alongside using alarm systems and sensors it is important that your doors and windows themselves offer a certain level of protection. Steel is an inherently strong material, three times stronger than aluminium, and it will provide you with the highest level of security.

In order to improve security our double and triple glazed doors can come with the following glazing options:

Toughened – to increase strength and safety, it often comes as standard.

Laminated – to provide additional security compared to toughened glass

Obscure – to improve privacy to windows

In addition to the secure triple glazing our steel doors and windows come with robust secure multi-point locking systems, frames assembled with heavy duty hinges, and finger-safe family-friendly joints for added security and safety.

Why Us

Our offer – We offer triple glazing for the price of double glazing as standard for all quotes across Greater London.

Our full service – Uniquely we offer a full service that includes architectural advice, obtaining all approvals on your behalf, as well as supply and fitting of window and door products.

Our architectural, environmental, and design expertise – By our Architect Director (RIBA Chartered member and registered with ARB), George Omalianakis | GOAStudio London residential architecture limited.

Our construction expertise – By our Builder Director (Federation of Master Builders member), Kia Karamian | Dream Building limited.

Our manufacturers – We work directly with vetted manufacturers which allows us to control the quality, design and cost of the window and door products we will provide for your home.


Modern windows must meet a number of different demands and perform a variety of functions. They must save energy, be airtight, watertight and easy to use, meet structural requirements, but also be highly attractive.

Our Janisol HI steel windows and fixed glazing feature insulating bars made from glass fibre-reinforced polyurethane and boast optimum thermal and structural properties. They achieve Uw values to 0.69 W/m2K for fixed glazing and 0.8 W/m2K for windows.

With a basic depth of 90 mm, vent heights of up to 2800 mm and a vent weight of 180 kg are possible. What is more, different infill unit thicknesses of up to 67 mm can be used. Due to the slimline external face width and the wide variety of coating options, Janisol HI steel windows can meet high thermal insulation requirements in terms of both function and design.




  • Vent weights of up to 100 kg
  • Watertightness 8A – 450 Pa
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Sound reduction up to 40 dB



With the extremely slimline steel profile system Janisol Arte, large sliding doors can be created with narrow face widths and a high degree of stability. Originally developed by Jansen for the reconstruction of historic windows, Janisol Arte now offers the opportunity to create large glass fronts for both historic and contemporary homes.


  • Unit sizes of up to 3000 × 2500 mm (W×H)
  • weight of 150 kg per leaf
  • Insulating glass of 20 to 34 mm
  • Uw value of 1.5 W/m2K
  • Welded steel half profiles in combination with glass fibre reinforced high-performance plastics (100% recyclable) produce particularly stable frames
  • Profile face widths of just 40 mm ensure increased light penetration and also increase the energy efficiency of the building
  • CE marking in accordance with EN 14351-1
  • Profile rolling technology tested in accordance with EN 14024
  • Sound reduction of up to 41 dB


The second generation of the Janisol Arte window system now offers profiles made from stainless steel and Corten steel as well as a wide range of profiles. The integrated weatherstrip groove simplifies and speeds up fabrication.

A large selection of glazing beads is also available in a variety of different materials. The wide range of opening types is ideally suited for the renovation of old windows but also for modern residential construction. With the narrowest profile face widths of only 25 or 40 mm for fixed glazing and a basic depth of 60 mm, intricate yet stable constructions with a large proportion of glass and excellent thermal insulation can be created.


  • Inward and outward-opening fixed glazing/window vents
  • Single and double-vent windows
  • Inward-opening side-hung, bottom-hung and double-vent windows
  • Outward-opening side-hung, top-hung, double-vent, horizontal pivot and vertical pivot windows, projected top-hung windows
  • Vent sizes of 1000 × 2400 mm
  • Vent weight of up to 150 kg
  • Unit thicknesses from 20 to 47 mm
  • Uw value from 0.8 W/m2K
  • Multi-point window locking
  • New materials for profiles: stainless steel and Corten
  • Burglar resistance tested in accordance with EN 1627 up to RC2
  • Composite technology tested in accordance with EN 14024
  • CE classification in accordance with EN 14351-1
  • Optimum weldability of the profile frame due to the ZF surface finish
  • Mechanical strength tested in accordance with EN 13115
  • Impact resistance tested in accordance with EN 13049


  • Vent weights of up to 120 kg
  • Tested unit: 1570 × 1570 mm
  • Vent weight of up to 20 bis 47 mm, glazing installed by means of wet glazing

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